Phat Rhino – The most affordable 4x4 Rental Provider in Namibia


At the time of our inception in 2019 the tourism industry was saturated with self-drive safari companies, therefore, we at Phat Rhino saw an opportunity to rejuvenate the industry with a modern and youthful approach. Our brand name, Phat Rhino, serves as a homage to Namibia’s unique landscape and rare animals. The rhino is one the country’s most beloved and well-protected creatures and its conservation is something we take into our business model for the benefit of all our clients.

We firmly believe in providing high quality vehicles and excellent service to our Phat and fabulous clients. We therefore provide the below listed travel options that will tickle just about anyone’s fancy:

  1. Low Phat Vehicles - these vehicles are 3-5 years old with 140,000 - 300,000km on the clock. They are all in superb condition, well maintained and perfect for the budget-conscious traveler.
  2. Pretty Phat Vehicles - These vehicles are brand spanking new with 0 - 140,000km on the clock. They can be rented at very competitive prices and we can almost guarantee that once you drive it, you will want to buy it.


Phat Rhino is a name that speaks to our vibrancy and passion for the animals of our beautiful country. Our industry only continues to grow due to the presence of these great custodians of this great Land. The Rhino as our mascot pays homage to them and in doing so, creating awareness about the conservation and appreciation of our most valuable and rare inhabitants.


The booking portal is so user friendly that even a Rhino can book a vehicle! Our custom made, fully online booking system was designed to make the booking process quick, easy and convenient. Payments can also be made through a secure payment portal and in no time your booking will be confirmed - without breaking a sweat.


Mission: To provide affordable world class service in the self-drive rental industry by keeping a finger on the pulse of tourism through the incorporation of new technology.

Vision: We aim to transform the car rental industry by providing clients with good quality vehicles at highly competitive rates, which, in turn, will promote growth of the tourism sector in Namibia.